Heatizon Systems


Keep you, your family and your home warm using the latest technology. Heatizon Systems is the newest and most efficient home heating system that can keep your floors heated or heat up an entire room in a matter of minutes. Homestead Furniture guarantees you’ll be impressed with this state-of-the-art heating system.


For More Than Just Heating
Heatizon Systems do more than just keep your home warm. If installed on your roof, Heatizon Systems melt snow to eliminate a collapsed roof or ice buildup. It can also keep your feet warm in bathrooms and kitchens.


Available Products:
Floorizwarm low voltage heating kit
Total space heating
Floor warming
Roof deicing
Snow melting
Ask about Heatizon Systems’ other uses!

Customer Service from the experts you can rely on!
If you’re not sure whether Heatizon Systems is right for your home and your lifestyle, give our experts a call at 541-942-8711. We’ll help you decide whether Heatizon Systems are right for your home and help you choose the system that works best for you.